The benefits – in your private home

The piping system in your home
Reduction of scale deposits in your piping system
It takes away the adhesive power of scale particles so that scale is simply washed away with your water as a fine powder. New scale-formation is stopped.

It dismantles already existing deposits
It carefully dissolves already existing deposits in the piping system. The scale build-up process is reversed and the pipes gradually become clean again. This take-out process will not block up your pipes or drain because the treated crystals are microscopic in size and wash away in the water.

Corrosion protection
Metal pipes often suffer from pitting corrosion. The electric It impulses generate a metal-carbonate protective layer that prevents pitting corrosion.

Increased water pressure
It sanitizes the pipes from scale deposits and can even restore a pipe’s full diameter. Water can flow freely again and you regain normal water pressure.

It minimizes rust
In most cases whenever there are scale deposits you will find rust shortly thereafter. The rust typically imbeds itself in the scale deposits. Because rust oxides are red, the scale deposits in metal pipes then often appear red in color, too. When the It -treatment reduces scale, it also takes away rust with it.

It minimizes bacterial growth in pipes
Thick scale deposits with their uneven surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Once the scale is gone, there are no more nesting areas where bacteria can grow.

How does Itsolve all these problems?

1. It stops scaling in pipes and appliances
Without the It water treatment, the scale particles in the water form sticky crystals that then build solid deposits. The patented It -Impulse-Technology modifies the crystallization of calcium and magnesium using the natural process of electrophoresis. The crystals become smoother and rod-shaped and can no longer attach to each other. Scale is now washed away in the water as a fine powder. The formation of new deposits is stopped. The more rod-shaped crystals that are created, the stronger the positive effect of scale-prevention.

Mono crystals as a result of the It water treatment
When mono-crystals are created by the impulse variation, it is important that they grow as long as possible before they start their way through the piping system. The larger the crystals, the longer it takes until the crystals fall apart again and eventually “die”. In warm water, these crystals grow faster and therefore are stronger and live longer. This explains why the It -effect lasts the longest in warm water (up to seven days) and shorter in cold water (approx. two days).

2. It gently sanitizes the piping system
Two simultaneous processes take place in untreated, hard water:
a. In the first process, scale deposits result from calcium crystals adhering to each other which then adhere to surfaces. This first process produces carbonic acid (H2CO3) as a side product.
b. During a second process, the carbonic acid simultaneously breaks down the existing scale deposits. This is referred to as the “natural resolving process”. Because the build-up process takes place much faster than the natural resolving process the pipes’ diameter constantly decreases.

Ca(HCO3)2 + It CaCo3 + CO2 + H2O
carbonate It
impulse Mono-
crystal Carbon
dioxide Water

This water treatment changes the balance between the scaling process and natural resolving process. The mono crystals can no longer form deposits, therefore the scale build-up of the first process is reduced. The natural scale-resolving-process now needs only to deal with existing deposits and can effectively combat them. Thus scale is removed faster than it forms. The natural surplus of carbonic acid dissolves the scale from the scale. Gradually and carefully, the deposits in the pipes will be removed.

The removal of scale = the removal of rust
As soon as scale deposits have built up, iron particles imbed into it. Thus, the scale and the rust blend into one material that are seen as red-colored deposits in the pipe. When the It -treatment dismantles the scale, it simultaneously removes all rust with it.
Clearing out the deposits is a gentle process where scale is brought back into solution and washed out in the water as: calcium, magnesium and iron. It is absolutely save to drink as these are all healthy minerals.

Removal of scale deposits = removal of bacteria
We know that scale acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted substances. As soon as It is installed and the scale is cleaned away, the bacteria breeding ground disappears. This way, bacterial contamination is greatly reduced or even fully removed.

3. It protects against rust damage and perforation
Copper and/or iron oxidation occurs in all metal pipes through contact with calciferous (hard) water. These oxides seriously affect the pipe surfaces and may lead to corrosion.
The It -impulse-technology generates an electrophoresis-effect which produces a protective metal-carbonate layer. According to the material of the pipe, this layer consists of copper-carbonate, iron-carbonate or zinc-carbonate and settles on all shiny metal surfaces. It protects the pipe from aggressive substances which could lead to corrosion.


Water heaters
It controls scale build-up in tank less water heaters permanently and reduces constant maintenance as heat exchangers get fewer deposits. Your water heater will work much more efficiently once again, and you can extend the time to your next service maintenance.

Heating systems regain full performance
When water is heated in a hot water tank the hard water always leads to thick deposits on the heating elements. This layer inevitably causes a great reduction in the capability of the heat to transfer. With It , deposits are minimized and your heating performs at a much higher capacity again. Service maintenance intervals are extended. Typically, water heating bills will be substantially reduced.

Solar water heating


It  prevents scale build-up in the system. It keeps heat exchangers and distributor pipes clean. Furthermore, It  reduces scale build-up in collectors, it protects hot water tanks and vacuum tubes, and keeps the system from over-heating. There is no more need to circulate acids.

Kitchens and kitchen appliances


Kitchen surfaces, sinks, faucets and fixtures stay cleaner
You will quickly notice that scale is visible but acts like a fine ‘dust’ which can be removed easily with a damp cloth. Surfaces and tiles will be smoother and shinier again.



Dishwashers operate with less detergent and less additives. The use of detergent can be reduced by up to 25%. Typical spotting on dishware is reduced or no longer apparent.


Reverse Osmosis filters
Private_RO_FilterRO-filters for your tap drinking water last longer. Water filters and RO-filter membranes will work more efficiently and the permeate is easier to handle



Washing machines
Scale_Rust_Private_Washing_Machine_ThumbCleaning is more effective as It -treated water lathers noticeably more. The same amount of detergent will give you cleaner clothes. You can often reduce the amount of washing detergents in your daily use or stay away from very aggressive agents. Furthermore, It  extends the life of the machine’s heating element.


Bathrooms and well-being

Scale_Rust_Bathroom_ThumbIt  does not alter the chemical composition of water, and calcium and magnesium remain in the water. You will quickly notice that scale is visible but acts like a fine ‘dust’ which can be removed easily with a damp cloth. Stains on basins, sinks, toilets or fixtures will be easily wiped away. Shower heads stay clean longer. Soap and detergent use can be cut back by up to 25%.
The water will feel as if it is “softer” as the treatment causes a decrease in water surface tension. Generally, soap will lather up more. Skin will feel smoother and hair will be much more manageable because the scale particles no longer make it so frizzy.


Gardening and irrigation

Scale_Rust_Private_Gardening_ThumbGarden irrigation with sprinklers becomes more reliable as the nozzles stay free of scale longer. It -treated water can be absorbed and processed better by plants. As there are less scale spots on the leaves your plants take up water and rain water better and look healthier.

Swimming pools and jacuzzis

Private swimming pools
Scale_Rust_Swimming_Pool_ThumbIt  makes pool cleaning much easier: scale on the water line is looser and easier to wipe off. Pool covers and tiles on the floor or walls will show less hard scale stains. It  reduces deposits in the pipes and valves. The sensitive circulation pumps last longer, sand filter need less changing and you can cut down on chlorine tablets.


Scale_Rust_Private_Jacuzzis_ThumbThe combination of water, circulating air and pressure in a hot tub tremendously enhances scale build-up. It  makes the cleaning of the tub easier. It  reduces deposits in the pipes and valves. Covers and and tiles on the floor or walls will show less hard scale stains.

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